The Diocese of Toamasina today

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Benedict XVIth has set up the Ecclesiastic Province of Toamasina which will group the Ambatondrazaka, Moramanga and Fenerivo-Atsinanana Dioceses.  The pope has moreover appointed the very first metropolitan Archbishop of Toamasina, his Lord Désiré Tsarahazana, who was previously Bishop of the Toamasina Diocese.

Toamasina ArchCarte Mada

The new Ecclesiastic province is constituted by 4 dioceses: two of them, Toamasina and Fenerivo-Atsinanana will be detached from the northern ecclesiastic province. The remaining two, Ambatondrazaka and Moramanga will be detached from the Centre ecclesiastic province, Antananarivo.

The Toamasina diocese was created on the 14th September 1955. It measures 23,690km² and a population of around two million inhabitants. There are more than 600 000 Catholics representing 31% of the population. The non Catholic Christians count 500 000 (25%) and non Christians count 850 000 (43%).

Toamasina has 18 parishes , 8 of which situated in town:

T Paroisse







Saint Joseph - Cathedral
Notre Dame de Lourdes - in ANJOMA
Saint Jean Baptiste - in ANALAKINININA
Sacré-Coeur - in TANAMBAO V
Saint Paul - in MANGARIVOTRA
Sainte Thérèse - in SALAZAMAY
Saint Jean - in MORARANO
Saint Louis de Montfort - in TANAMAKOA


 T Nord





The NORTH Region :

Ambodiriana - Ivoloina
Ambodibonara - Ivondro

 T Sud


The SUD Region :

Ilaka - Est





The congregations working in the Diocese and their activities:

Diocesan priests, Oblates of Mary Immaculate , Montfortains – Parishes, Apostolate of the Sea, Missionary centers.
Frères des Écoles Chrétiennes: secondary and technical schools, Wood workshops.
Saint Gabriel: Development centers, Cultural and social centers.
Filles de la Sagesse: Schools, clinic, Dispensary, Cultural and social centers.
Saint Joseph de Cluny sisters: primary schools
Filles de Marie de la Réunion: Retirement pension, primary school, formation house
Marie Réparatrice siters: Household school, bookshop
Ursulines sisters: household school, primary schools, clinic, dispensary, adults’ school
Soeurs Guadaloupaines de la Salle: Primary school
Soeurs Hospitalières de la Miséricorde: Hospital
Notre Dame du Cénacle: Catechism, Retreat, meetings
Carmélites Mineures: handicaped children

Number of schools :

Nursery schools 13 - 3277 pupils, 42 teachers.
Primary 13 - 8751 pupils, 191 teachers.
Secondary 1er cycle - 1775 students, 34 teachers.
Secondary 2em cycle - 530 students, 10 teachers.
Technical 1 - 140 students, 03 teachers.
Associations: 2500 children members, 1200 young people, 400 adults

Parafia Anal 15Parafia Anal 14Parafia Anal 05

Clinics 3:

Morarano (1979): Ursulines siters
Anivorano (1976): Ursulines siters
Centre d'Antsiramandroso (1963): Filles de la Sagesse siters
Marotsiriry (1974): Filles de la Sagesse siters

Disp 2Disp 1Disp 1

Leprosy home: 1

Ampanalana (1964): Filles de la Sagesse siters.