Notre de Lourdes church - Tamatave

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Parafia NDL* 2nd of March 1927: The roof of the church was not installed yet that the Christians’ Halleluiah echoed.

* 29th September 1931: The mass blessing the new church is celebrated by Bishop FOURCADIER vicar apostolic of Antananarivo. Father Jean Baptiste RABENJAMINA, ROYON and ANDRIANARY attended the mass. Notre Dame de Lourdes became an independent parish, in addition to the Saint Joseph parish.

* 31st May 1938: The Lord Bishop FOURCADIER sacred the Notre Dame Grotto outside the church.

* 1st July 1939: Reverend father Jules PUSET and Reverend father MARTINEAU arrived at Note Dame de Lourdes to carry on the work done by the Monfortana congregation.

* 16th to 19th October 1941: the parish made it a holy duty to organize and to carry out the Toamasina Eucharistic Congress. 900 children received the First Communion and the mass was celebrated inside the church.


* 1948: the church got damaged in 1943. Reconstruction work started the. Four bells offered by the French Mission Procurator, Reverend Father ROY arrived in Toamasina in February 1949: Marie Reine des Coeurs (Marie queen of hearts), 600kgs, Saint Louis Marie de Monfort, 370kgs,  Saint Laurent, 260kgs, Saint Rita, 180kgs.

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* 11th February 1951: The tour is prepared and the bells are lifted upstairs. The Lord Bishop Alain Sébastien LE BRETON blessed them.

* July 1951: All inside works are over. While stepping into the church for Christmas celebration, the Christians found a grand cathedral decoration.

* April 1952: The spire is totally set up and the building’s body is finished.

* September 1953: All works are over

* 1954: restoration of the parish hall

* 1972: The parish is divided into 8 wards: Tanambao- « Saint Peter », Androranga – « Saint Paul », Analakininila – « Saint John Baptist », Tanamborozano – « Venance Manifatra », Cité Canada – «  Jésus sacred Heart », Anjoma bodo – « Mary Queen », Anjoma lava – « Victoire Rasoamanarivo », Bazary Be – « Marie Immaculate ».

* 1974: The diocese synod is held at Notre Dame de Lourdes.

* 1988: The OMI Congregation took charge of the parish. As they said: Vazaha (foreigners) replaced departing vazaha. Polish replace Breton.

* 1989: the food and material stock house is built. The food and materials are meant for poor people. The public library above the sacristy is set up with 60 new benches and the old ones repaired. The Foyer to which a wing has been added is retored. The named it Foyer Victoire RASOAMANARIVO.

* 1990: A house for the prenovices is built. Guadelupean  sisters used it during some years when prenovices live in Tanamakoa.

* 1993: The bells wooden holders are replaced and the church is totally repainted.

* The Jesuit fathers having followed one another at Notre Dame de Lourdes between 1925 and 1939 are: Fathers RAMAROSANDRATANA (appointed Bishop), L. WAGMANS, ANDRIANARY, Jean B. RAKOTOBE, ROYON, FONTANY, PULLS, Jean B. RABENJAMINA, Louis LAPEYRE, Venance MANIFATRA

*  The Monfortana priests having followed one another at Notre Dame de Lourdes between 1939 and 1988 are: Fathers Jules PUSET (appointed Bishop), MARTINEAU, RONDAUT, Alexis GUIMARD, GUERIN, Joseph ANNICK, Hubert ROY (appointed  Provincial), ROUVRAY, Lucien PERROT, BOUVAN, TOUZEAU, BERTHON, GUILLOUZIC, LE GALLE, J.M. ABIVEN, Dominique ROBIN, RIOU, LE BIHAN, Tout Blanc ANDRE.

*  The diocesan fathers having followed one another at Notre Dame de Lourdes between 1925 and 1939 are: Fathers LAMBERT, EMMANUEL, Edmond RASAMOELINA, J. B. RANAIVOSON, Félix RAZABNAKOTO, Marcel RABE and brother Bernard.

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*  The oblate priests having followed one another at Notre Dame de Lourdes since 1988 are: Frs Jan SADOWSKI, Roman KRAUZ curate (appointed OMI superior), Henryk MARCINIAK, Roman MAJEWSKI, Klaudiusz HERMANSKI, Helmut NIESPOREK, Andrezej URBANEK, Robert KONICZEK, Jean Didier RAZANADRAFARA, Marek MODRZEWSKI, Kazimierz KWIATKOWSKI curate, Marek OCHLAK curate, Stanislaw KAZEK, Alfred RAKOTOMALALA, Wenceslas IMBIRA et Waldemar ZUKOWSKI curate.

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