The sea Apostolate

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The sea Apostolate

cares for Madagascar’s biggest harbours:

Toamasina, Antsiranana, Nosy Be, Mahajanga, Toliara et Tolagnaro, and so on.

In November 1973, Bishop Jérôme RAZAFINDRAZAKA appointed father François LE GALL to dedicate himself to the sailors, the fishermen, the harbour’s employees and their families within the diocese of Toamasina.


Every 5 years, a forum is organised for the districts from the south west part of the Indian Ocean. It is a platform where sailors, fishermen and harbour employees share experiences and solutions to their problems… The Apostolate owns a foyer where meetings and masses can be held. It can also be used for events organised for sailors and fishermen’ families.

The chaplain also calls on to crews and keeps them informed on the chaplaincy events and news.