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 * 1918 - he First World War ends and Leba Justin leaves France for home with 2 of his military companions malagasy. Fathers of Missionnaires Etragers de Paris (MEP) trained them before they left France and they are the ones who created the very first Catholic Church in Marolambo region as soon as they arrived. The number of Christians grew fast: they then decided to ask that a priest be sent to take care of them.  In 1920 father PELOT arrived. He was Jesuit and was the vicar apostolic of Fianarantsoa. He was sent by his Lord Bishop GIVELET.  Misje Marolambo 02   

* 23 Jolay 1922 - first mass in Marolambo. Yet the Jesuits stayed only 14 years. In 1933, The Monfortana Priests replaced them.

* 24 Mey 1934 - Father CHARDOURNE, the Jesuit priest who replaced father PELOT passed on the Marolambo Mission to father LE BRETON (Monfortana priest).

Misje Marolambo 03* 1947 - The independence war broke out. People wanted the eradication of the religion brought by the colonists. Michel RANDRIANTSARA and Laurent RATOVO counted among the Marolambo martyrs during those events. Leba Justin was imprisoned in Toamasina.

* 1960 - Church concerns did not advance very much due to the effects of the 1947 events. But after a number of renews a certain change was noticed. Then the situation started to deteriorate again.

* 1970 - The Toamasina Diocese lacked 24 priests. Thus, the remaining priests were insufficient in number to accomplish the amount of work to be done. They had to find a solution. So Lord Bishop Jérôme RAZAFINDRAZAKA and the Provincial of the Monfortana priests in Madagascar appealed to the OMI missionaries Congregation in Roma. In 1976, General Father of the OMI congregation decided to entrust the Polish priests with the task of helping the Toamasina Diocese.

* 22 Jiona 1981- The Polish OMI priests arrived: father Franciszek CHRÓSZCZ and father Marian LIS. Their fellows arrived little by little later on.


Misje Marolambo 05* 1989 - The Marie Réparatrice sisters came to assist the OMI priests. They have achieved numerous works. Apart from increasing the number of Christians, they have created apprenticeship institutions for youth.

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Misje Marolambo 02* 2002 - Gospel’s 80th anniversary in Marolambo was to be celebrated. Numerous Christians from all over the district came to the celebration. The theme was “go further” (Luc 5,4) as Pope John Paul II exhorted for the year 2002.

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* 2016 - to rehabilitate the FOUR EIGHT, the WATER AID (RANO FISOTRO MADIO) was installed, which relieves the difficulties of the population and the Mission in Marolambo. The workroom constructed by Enterprise Zazah.



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