The Formation

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which we offer will help you :

« Introduction to the audiovisual language »

  • We will help you quickly to recognize the basic esthetics, stressing practise and analysis.
  • We will assure a theoretical basis for understanding and analysis of audiovisual pictures through the mediation of the text and viewing pictures, photos and films.
  • We will present to you in the basic learning about the basic technical elements, which will be used in the production of audio-visual creations and production.
  • We will help you in the realization of the pictures and movie pictures according to basic practises in the region.
  • We support creativity of individuals in every stage by means of private instructions.
  • You will receive the basic ideas from history of art, photography and movies.
  • You will receive teaching on the technique of filming: opening the lens, time lighting and setting the sharpness of the picture.
  • Service and care of the instruments.
  • Training in photography, in filming and in recording.


This program has as an end the formation of future producers of videos, internet, and photography, prepared to work in the Christian and lay communities, and to be ready to manage independent productive study.

Speaking more specifically, our formation will lead you to:

  • Equipping you with a specific review of various types of audiovisual production and their stages of developmentLearning the basic theoretical principles regarding esthetics of photos and sound in theatres and in videos

Themes of formation:






1. Audiovisual language









2. Composition

in photography






3. Faith and the media






Adobe Photoshop


5. Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator


6. Adobe Illustrator 

 Adobe InDesign

7. Adobe InDesign