Film production

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OMIFILM is an audio-visual and multimedia production center.

Creativity, precision and efficiency are the key words of our policy. We do our best to carry out your projects and ensure the highest quality of the finished product.

1. Presentation Video - Introduce your religious or secular activity through video presentations…

Film is now the key tool in showcasing your activities so that we can receive new vocations, showcase your parish, congregation, workplace, bush mission ... Interviews or comments and music will enhance the images that show your infrastructure and your services.

Production 03Production 01Production 02

2. Training Video - Train your coworkers, your farmers, and share your knowledge all the time in order to grow your business.

Reinforce the rules of rice cultivation, the preparation of rice fields, the production of bricks ... Film can become a key training tool and can be distributed at all levels.

Formation 01Formation 02Formation 03

3. Interviews, Video Testimonies - Spread the word and testimonies to as many people as possible or gather feedback to better assess the current situation.

This simple product can be extremely effective.
It can also attract people to follow along.

Interview 05Interview 06Interview 04

4. Video - Live report - Keep a record of an important event, talk about certain events…

Follow an event: a parish feast, an anniversary of a diocese, congregation, school… Capture the best moments using one or more cameras, deliver raw images, or make a video of an event - we have a team that caters to all kinds of events.

Reportage 03Reportage 02Reportage 05

5. Video clip - Record your music…

You are a music band or a choir and you want to make a music video for one or more songs – here is your opportunity! You can get help in preparing a music video from our experts. We also have a DVD duplicator and color printers - this allows you to finalize your video project from start to finish, i.e. recording, editing, copying onto a DVD, printing a photo for the DVD, as well as preparing and printing your cover.

Clip 01Clip 02Clip 03


 Our work methods:

1. Preparation
- Meeting with a client.
- Creating a plan.
- Writing a script.
- Defining the technical means needed for production.
- Identifying a location.
- Preparing a contract.


2. Filming


Tournage 01Tournage 02Tournage 03

Montage 013. Post-production
- Downloading the footage onto your computer
- Selecting material for assembly
- Recording commentaries, photos, and music
- First montage
- Review along with the customer
- Implementing changes and corrections
- Finishing the project (graphics and sound mix)
- Product delivery

Montage 03Montage 04

100 prod 






4. Post-delivery
- Archiving of the original and other sources on the server for a period of 1 year.

5. Optional: CD or DVD duplication



We work using the following hardware:Camera

To film we use a professional camera:






For aerial image recording we use:





For montage, we use:




and Final Cut Pro