The Central House, Soavimbahoaka – Antananarivo

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Dom Tana1After having sent young oblates to study in Congo and at the Antsiranana diocese, the Congregation started the construction of a formation house, Scholasticate, in Soavimbahoaka. It aimed the formation of young people aspiring to become oblate at the OMI missionary Delegation in Madagascar. The delegation has bought a piece of land from the “frères des écoles chrétiennes”. On 7th June 1991, the agreements between the oblates and the RASOLOFOJAONA firm were signed and the works started under the supervision of brother Boguslaw.Dom Tana2

On 14th November 1992, after a short stay at the “frères des écoles chrétiennes”’, the Soavimbahoaka formation house became functional. 2 formators managed the formation: Fr Jan SADOWSKI and Br Boguslaw. There were 9 students then. They studied philosophy and theology at the Ambatoroka Grand seminar.
The house was also used as guest house: all the confreres passing by Antananarivo were accommodated there as were the priests and brothers who studied Malagasy.

When the Ambatoroka Grand Seminar was turned into an Institute the Congregation has decided to create a formation house in Fianarantsoa. It is in 1999 that the Antananarivo formation house totally closed. The scholastics have all moved to Mahamanina, Fianarantsoa.   

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 The ordination of 6 Malagasy priests consecrated to serve as the Almighty’s   is the concrete result obtained from the formation house. Other young people from the Soavimbahoaka house also became priests but they did finish their studies once in Mahamanina, Fianarantsoa.

Since 2004, the house has become the OMI Provincial house in Madagascar. The delegation’s superiors live there and it has remained a guest house for the oblates coming to Antananarivo.


Administration de la Délégation OMI – Madagascar

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P. KOMAN Piotr - 4ème  Conseiller, P. MARCINIAK Henryk - 2ème Conseiller, P. KASPERSKI Mariusz (supérieurs de la délégation),

P. RASAMIMANANA Gilbert - 1er  Conseiller, Fr RAMISY Jean Christian - 3ème Conseiller et P. SZUL Adam - trésorier de la Délégation